How Intelligent Web Solutions' new ticket system works

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The beginning of the new year for us started with many new projects, but also with a software innovation created by our IWS team, which we couldn’t wait to share with you and hinted at in a previous post. Today we officially want to announce a unique new service for our customers - "ticket" system.

In our previous post you can read more about the idea of the ticket system and its advantages for IWS customers.

In this article we want to illustrate how easy and convenient it is to work with.


When starting work on a new project, as well as on all current projects, business owners, our unique clients, will be registered by our administrators. Once the registration is complete, they will then be given immediate access to the ticket system via email. From that moment onwards, IWS customers will have permanent access to this service.

To access the ticket system you must visit

and log in to the system with the username and password you have received by email.


If you have entered the data correctly, a message for successful login will appear on the screen and you will have access to the special resources of our new product, where you will be automatically redirected to the page for creating the ticket.

The next step is the case submission that will reach our team. 

You need to fill in a field with "problem name", and in the next field you need to put a link to the page where you found the problem. This will be followed by a field where you can describe in your own words the situation that has arisen and if possible to add up to 6 images (screenshots) up to 2MB each, for faster and easier access to the problem and its resolving by our support team. The last step is to click the "Submit" button.

The next screen that appears will be confirmation that you have successfully submitted your issue. Here you have the option to go to a page where you can see all the created cases sent from you or create a new ticket.


If you want to view all tickets, the screen will look like this:

On this page you can see detailed information about all tickets, creation date, end date and current status. The status of the ticket can be „unread“, "in progress", „for agreement“, „resolved“.

Each time of status changing, you will also receive an E-mail to make sure you are always informed with the progress of your case. 

If you click on the "Details" button, all the details about the ticket will be displayed on the screen below. 


In order to make communication as convenient as possible, we have created a special form for correspondence "chat". In it you can communicate directly and constantly with someone from the IWS team, as well as you have the option to add more images. This communication is secured and saved and you can follow it whenever you want. You don’t need to log in and check if you have received a response in the chat, you will receive an automatic notification by E-mail when this happens.

We from IWS hope that we have been helpful to all our current and future clients.

If you still have questions while working with the ticket system, do not hesitate to contact our team by E-mail: